Welcome to Enroot Products! 

We like to say that we deepen the connection between plants and people and it's true! We offer innovative growing products that will make your gardening and growing life easier and more fulfilling.  Get a glimpse of our brands below. Click Learn More buttons  for more info on each of our products. 


The Seed Stitchers

You can't beat the Seed Stitcher for making lawn repair and bed creation an easy task! This versatile tool is a must for your landscaping!  Designed to create the perfect size and shape hole for easy seeding, just water in and keep moist.  No need to remove or replace soil or even mulch, the Seed Stitcher punches right through existing thatch and mulch. Sprinkle seed, water in and your lawn repair and bed planting task is done! 

The Seed Stitcher comes in 3 models: The Homeowner version, Pro Version and Pro Double Head!  Check them out!


Spongease, The perfect potting soil

The gardeners secret that's just too good to keep, SpongEase is a potting soil made from the husk of coconuts. This light airy blend is the delight of many gardeners and is used professionally in horticulture and agriculture around the world!  Shipped in a compressed form, the magic occurs when water is added and the SpongEase potting soil expands to 5 times it's original volume!  Kids and adults love to watch this process. Simply fluff and you are ready to grow!  Learn more! 


Air Pruning Soft Side Poly Pots

Grow Bigger Better Faster with RootEase fabric pots.  These pro quality grow pots come in sizes from 1 gal to 500 gallon and are perfect for growing anywhere!  Forget constructing complicated raised bed gardens.. RootEase Poly Pots have you covered the minute you open and fill with your favorite growing media!  Check them out... 


GreenEase Micro Green Pads

If you want an easy to grow, healthy veggie solution, try microgreens! Enroot makes it easy with GreenEase Micro Green Jute grow pads.  Just add your favorite micro green seeds from wheat grass to radish, to broccoli, to lettuce.  Keep moist and you'll have an outstanding healthy crop ready for garnish, salads and sandwiches or juicing in no time flat!