Spongease is our brand of potting soil made from the husk coconuts

Spongease is compressed coconut coir that expands with water making the perfect potting soil for seedlings, rooting, vegetables, berries, roses, orchids, house plants and more.

Simply add water to your SpongEase product and watch the magic begin!  It will start to expand and expand.  Just fluff  it up with a garden trowel,  add it to your pots or  planters and plant your plant!  SpongEase contains no fertilizer so add your favorite plant food for optimum growth. The fibrous nature of SpongEase makes it the perfect potting soil! Spongease supplies oxygen, water and your added fertilizer to plant roots. The coconut coir in spongEase is used worldwide by professional growers in both hydroponic and tradtional growing systems. Now homeowners have access to coco coir and  can use this pro mix with the same results! Remember just add a slow release fertilizer to the pot or feed with a liquid fertilizer.  Spongease Coir Potting soil is 100% organic and eco friendly..


SpongEase Comes in the Following Convenient Sizes

10 Quart Tile

The 10 Quart Spongease is a tile measuring 7.5x7.5x3 inches.  This small package will expand to a full 10 quarts of potting mix when water is added!  It's convenient to store and use!  It's packaged in a poly bag that allows for easy expansion.  Just cut open the bag and add water.  Once expanded it can be transferred to a container or pot, or used right in the bag :)


Get the Brick!

The "Brick" is almost the exact same size as .. well a brick! Place it in a bucket, add water and it will expand to 2 full gallons. It's the perfect size for planting  in a 3 gallon pot once the plant is added.  The Brick measures 7.75 x 4 x 2 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs. 


5kg (11lb) Coco Coir BLOCK  Makes 2.5 CuF

You've tried it, you love it, now it's time for THE BLOCK. This 11 lb package (30x30x6 inches) makes  2.5 cubic feet  of quality coco coir growing media. This will fill a 15 gallon nursery pot!  Be sure to place in a container that is large enough while expanding.  A wheelbarrow is a good choice, or a 15 gallon nursery pot does well too.  If using a large RootEASE instant garden bed, expand one block at a time inside the bed. Add water slowly, the coir block will suck it right up and start expanding.  You can break off expanded pieces and then add water to the dry parts underneath. It will take about 5 gallons to expand it to the max.  Break up small clods with a shovel or trowel as it expands.




Coco Mulch: Perfect Top Dressing for Pots

The SpongEase mulch tile will make 5 quarts of quality coconut husk mulch to top dress your pots. Coconut mulch is a beautiful warm brown color and is perfect to help retain moisture and prevent weeds, as well as create an attractive topping around your plants. The mulch is compressed just like the coir potting mix.  Cut open the bag and add water, breaking apart as it expands.  The natural color lasts for 2 years or more! Definitely a must have when planting multiple pots!