GreenEase Micro-Green Kits

Microgreens are tiny edible plants and could be one of the most healthy foods you can eat!   These tiny sprouts are simply amazing for their nutrition content, visual appeal for garnishes and delicious taste.  GreenEase Microgreen Kits make it easy to grow your own delicious micro greens right in your kitchen.  Use GreenEase Seed pads for wheat grass, radish, lettuce blends, baby spinach, broccoli, peas, herbs and more!

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Our natural Jute pads are the key to the GreenEase Microgreen growing pads.  Jute is a natural plant based  fiber grown in India. The jute plant is considered to be second only to cotton as one of the most used plant fiber based products.  It is used to make rope, and bags and now.. microgreen seed pads! The jute fibers are spun into our microgreen pads and are perfect to absorb just the right amount of water to keep your micro green seedlings moist without them being soggy.  It's clean too.  No worries about crumbles of growing media soiling your tiny edibles.  


Start Growing Now

Growing micro-greens is easy and fun and can be accomplished both inside or out. Just place in a well-lit area and keep moist!  The jute pads make for a clean growing experience. Growing without soil, keeps the plants nice and clean without worry of contamination from soil based growing.  No need to harvest all at once.  Harvest as desired and let your greens keep growing.  After your crop has been harvested, just compost your used jute pads. They are completely biodegradable.  

Growing Microgreens Doesn't get any easier than this! 

You are harvesting your healthy micro greens right before they even need fertilizer! The seed has provided the energy for these healthy little miracles to grow with only light and water!  Get started today!